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My name is Steve Sturtz and I live in San Angelo, Texas. I have been raising border collies to work cattle, sheep & goats on the ranch and trials since the mid 1980's. From time to time have pups, started and finished dogs for sale. I also have track dogs to exercise sheep and goat projects. I have been involved in the livestock industry, and with 4-H and FFA Livestock projects for most of my life.

Our Dogs are bred to work all species of livestock. They have natural herding ability with a strong desire to work. All of this is coupled with a great temperament and the desire to please. With these characteristics, the only thing needed to understand is what the handler wants and needs of them. Their superior intelligence makes them easy to handle and manage.

Our puppies are socialized and raised with love. I guarantee our pups will work, if given the opportunity and raised and handled properly. They are bred for natural herding ability, stamina, and ease of training.

Our objective is to breed superior herding dogs with the use of good solid genetics, selective breeding and years of experience in both livestock production and animal science. I have spent many years studying genetics. Genetics are the foundation that our breeding program is based upon, this along with knowledge of livestock, canine behavior and working-dog experience have given us the opportunity to raise some outstanding working stock dogs. We line breed, and outcross our dogs to try and take advantage of bloodlines, and produce excellent working stock dogs.

We would like to thank Kenneth Beasley, Roy Wilson, Glenn Guttridge, Raymond Reeves, Trevor Peterson, Larry Halfmann, Allen Sanders, and Ben Means for there friendship, advice, and the genetic pieces they have allowed us to put together.

Bocephus Won the Sundowner Stockdog
Association Futurity in November, 2008, and
was West Texas Pro-Novice Dog of the Year 2009.

Congratulations to Kenneth Beasley!

Thanks to Glenn Guttridge for breeding this outstanding litter, and for allowing us to purchase his dam Della. We would also like to thank Kyle Dillard for allowing us to purchase his full brother Pete, and for letting us repeat this breeding of Della to Boss.

Jiggs 2009 Pro Novice Texas Cattle Dog of the Year. We would like to congratulate Bronc Fleming (Owner), and Jimmy Walker (Handler) on a great year with Jiggs. Jiggs is out of Susie and Glenn Kerr's Irie. Sturtz Stock Dogs was the breeder of Jiggs, and will be breeding females to a litter mate of Jiggs name Bob. Be watching for pups out of Bob. Pictured with Jiggs are Rusty Fleming, Kenneth Beasley, Chairman, TCDA, and Handler Jimmy Walker. Jiggs has continued her winning in 2010 at sheep and cattle dog trials.

Steve & Bridgett Sturtz
785 Abernathy Rd.   l   San Angelo, TX 76905
Phone: 325-895-1063   Email :s-sturtz@zipnet.us

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